MoyaCarbon Is Reversing Climate Change

We're Building A Way For Anyone In The World To Buy & Track Carbon Credits

MoyaCarbon is a Web3 based global transparent trusted and traceable ecosystem for verified carbon credits primarily to address the growing quality, integrity and trust issues, inherent in the current voluntary carbon offset market.

We have established partnerships (and are actively continuing to do so) with likeminded and aligned groups and organisations who have roles within the global carbon ecosystem - these include, carbon projects and other producers of verified carbon credits, purchases of carbon credits, trading markets, certification and regulatory bodies.

We're working with, and adding value to climate conscious companies, projects and individuals to help them understand and calculate their carbon footprint and take positive action.


Our Mission

We all understand the threat that climate change presents. Our warming atmosphere puts us on a collision course with extreme weather, food shortages, mass extinction, and social unrest. We've already emitted more carbon than is safe, and we're not reducing fast enough. The threat is real, it will affect everyone, and we're almost out of time.

To avoid climate catastrophe, we need to radically reduce our carbon emissions and remove the excess from our atmosphere. The problem is, our current economic system makes it easier and more profitable to emit carbon than to avoid doing so. Maintaining this status quo doesn't just guarantee climate change, it also prevents businesses doing what they're best at to be part of the solution. It shouldn't be this way.

Instead, we need a platform that makes it easy to fund carbon removal. A platform that allows businesses to help repair our planet by removing any carbon emissions they can't yet avoid creating. An open platform that everyone can invest in with confidence, no matter how big or small their contribution. A platform that allows individuals, businesses, and nature to thrive, while creating a legacy we can be proud of.

By creating a massive marketplace for carbon removal, starting with regenerative agriculture projects that store carbon in the soil, we can repair our climate and fund a better future.


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