How The MoyaCarbon Marketplace Works?

We're Building A Way For Anyone In The World To Buy & Track Carbon Credits

MoyaCarbon coordinates between many stakeholders to create and sell Carbon Credits via blockchain tokenization. One token represents one tonne of removed carbon stored. Described below is the overall process for creating tokens and how various stakeholders involved throughout the process.

With our tech (and other initiatives) we're building a global, transparent, trusted, and traceable ecosystem for verified carbon credits primarily to address the growing quality, integrity and trust issues inherent in the current voluntary carbon offset market.

Step 1 : Projects are Created When a Supplier Provides Data on Carbon Removal

Before we tokenize any carbon credits, Suppliers or Farmers must first register their carbon removal project with us by reporting any new (or planned) carbon removal practices they've undertaken, with enough data to establish an accurate project baseline.

Step 2 : An Independent 3rd Party Estimates Carbon Credits

Once project data is completely entered, a third-party carbon quantification tool estimates the carbon credits amount. MoyaCarbon is not involved in generating a project's carbon credits baselines and estimates to avoid conflict of interest.

Step 3 : Independent 3rd Parties Verify Carbon Removal Project Data to Provide Credibility

In order to ensure that the tokens generated represent real carbon credits, MoyaCarbon requires independent 3rd party verification. MoyaCarbon approves reputable verifiers in existing registries to review a supplier's project data. With independent verification of project data, we avoids a conflict of interest.

Thie process ensures - Reasonable Data, Proper Carbon Accounting and Tracking, Project Legalities.

Step 4 : Tokens (NFTs) are Generated for Carbon Credits

MoyaCarbon uses the carbon removal estimates generated by the carbon quantification tool to determine how many NFTs to create for a project.

Step 5 : Buyer Purchase Tokens (NFTs) Directly on the Marketplace

Buyers are able to purchase NFTs directly from Suppliers in our marketplace. In the marketplace, Suppliers receive the total price of purchased NFTs. MoyaCarbon then charges an additional transaction fee to the buyer.

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