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Our Commitment to You

MoyaCarbon is committed to creating a fair and equitable marketplace for farmers. We ensure projects are neither unjustly penalized nor rewarded for natural fluctuations in soil carbon outside farmers' control. We are creating a product with feedback directly from growers with the hopes to serve all types of regenerative farmers.

Transparency First

We believe in transparency: how carbon credits are measured, carbon quality, verification data, who is purchasing - the whole lifecycle is tracked. We believe in transparency from methodology development to price discovery. We work in public and our methodologies are peer reviewed.

Strong Partnerships

Partnering with MoyaCarbon lets you offer carbon removals to your customers. They can purchase MoyaCarbon Tokens directly on your website or app to reverse the carbon footprint of products.

How MoyaCarbon Works?
What MoyaCarbon Provides?
  • Onramp and tokenisation for high quality, verified carbon credits

  • All related verification data secured on-chain

  • End-to-end tracking of credits, ownership and data across the full-lifecycle

  • Transaction based carbon debt tracking

  • Fractionalised and automated offsetting

  • API integration layer

  • Reporting and auditing

MoyaCarbon Strongly Believes In Togetherness

We have established partnerships (and are actively continuing to do so) with likeminded and aligned groups and organisations who have roles within the global carbon ecosystem - these include, carbon projects and other producers of verified carbon credits, purchases of carbon credits, trading markets, certification and regulatory bodies.

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