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Carbon Removal Is the Only Way to Truly Negate or Reverse Carbon Emissions

So you want to offset your emissions? Great! Did you know that 95% of voluntary offsets are either reductions or avoidance offsets? Both options slow the rate of emissions, but do nothing to address the CO2 already in the atmosphere.

To achieve a livable climate future, we need to remove 1.5 trillion tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. Despite representing less than 5% of total offsets, realistically, carbon removal is the only way to truly negate or reverse carbon emissions.

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Current markets make it hard to know exactly when and how much carbon was removed, and how much it cost. MoyaCarbon does things differently, with complete transparency and a blockchain backed carbon removal marketplace.

Carbon Removal

Our work begins and ends with carbon removal. We partner with independent 3rd party tools and verifiers to measure and audit how much carbon is removed.

Transparency First

We believe in transparency from methodology development to price discovery. We work in public and our methodologies are peer reviewed.

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Partnering with MoyaCarbon lets you offer carbon removals to your customers. They can purchase MoyaCarbon Tokens directly on your website or app to reverse the carbon footprint of products.

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Carbon markets are becoming increasingly popular. MoyaCarbon does its best to balance the concerns of both the buyers and farmers within its marketplace.

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